Max Payne

Developed by Remedy Entertainment, Max Payne is a third-person shooter featuring the titular character, Max Payne, an undercover NYPD cop. Max Payne utilizes spectacular cinematography and action, clearly inspired by Hong Kong action films. The graphics are well-done and realistic but can sometimes get choppy. The story unfolds in graphic novel-styled panels, as well as the ingame cutscenes. The controls are solid and carry over well from the PC version. You can roll, dodge and leap in any direction while shooting in smooth slow motion, triggered with just a button. The voice acting is hammy and awesome, the original music is phenomenal and the sound effects are top notch. Max Payne lacks any multiplayer features, definitely a shame considering the impressive action, but the singleplayer experience is so good I really don't mind. Pictures courtesy of Gamespot.

Overall Score: 9.0

Site last updated: 4/20/19